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At the Chelyabinsk zinc plant is actively promoting the construction of an oxygen plant

At the Chelyabinsk zinc plant is actively promoting the construction of an oxygen plant

Chelyabinsk zinc plant is continuing to build an oxygen plant. The project started to prepare the foundations for the surge tanks. It is known that the production of the zinc plant needs oxygen. It is required for enrichment of air during roasting of zinc concentrates. Currently it is obtained from a third-party company. However, the needs of the plant are not fully utilized. In addition, this will be insufficient for future needs. Private object will allow to solve this question. In addition, the company will be volatile in the oxygen supply of the production process.

Future oxygen station will operate on new technology. We are talking about the technology vacuum pressure swing adsorption. The process is carried out in four main stages. In the first stage, air is supplied to the adsorbent. Then there is the actual adsorption or oxygen production. The third stage is pressure compensation. The final phase is desorption or evacuation. The technological process is cyclical and repeats every two minutes. In total, the company plans to install 8 adsorbers. Equalization tanks will be 4. Adsorbers and the mufflers are already mounted. Currently, preparations are underway for pouring the foundations of the surge tanks. Then they would work in the immediate setting.

Reservoir — a huge cylinder in a horizontal position. It reaches the length of nearly 8.5 m. Inner diameter is about 4 meters. The top and bottom has fittings. They are needed for inlet and outlet gas streams. At the bottom of the tank is another fitting. It is designed for purge.

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