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CHTPZ group has completed the implementation of its current investment project

New investment project of the Group CHTPZ completed. It concerns modernization of the industrial complex «Cold pipes». It was implemented at Pervouralsk new pipe plant. In the process had installed the new equipment. It is used for processing stainless steel pipes. Made his Czech firm «Prestar». It is a modern high-precision machine tools. Thanks to them, cutting of pipes whose diameter is 83−162 mm.

Equipment equipped with an automated system. To reconfigure it for a few seconds. This occurs when changing the assortment. The use of new machines have increased the productivity of the plot. The index increased by 25%. In addition, there have been significant time savings. It is known that the CHTPZ Group is engaged in continuous improvement of production. We are talking about the release of the most popular types of products. Thus, the company is a leader in the market.

The bulk of the supply of cold-drawn pipes accounted for the CHTPZ Group. For 2018, its share among all the local producers amounted to 66%. This was announced by technical Director of the company. CHTPZ group strives to create not only products that are in high demand. It intends to produce perspective views. The new equipment will greatly help in the implementation of these plans. This investment project is estimated at over 15 million. The most ambitious was the project implemented in 2016. Then the size of the investment amounted to 200 million rubles. It was modernization of the quality system. In addition, it allowed to increase production volumes. Was also reduced the costs of production of long-length stainless pipe.

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