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In 2018, Chile set a new record for the extraction of copper

Chilean state copper Commission provided data for the previous year. Production of copper in Chile amounted to 5.83 million tons. The indicator increased in comparison with the previous year’s result. The increase amounted to 6%. Interestingly, this is the highest figure in the entire history of the industry. The previous record was 5.77 million tonnes. He was raised in 2013. Cathodes produced 27% of the total volume of the resulting copper. The remaining 73 per cent of Chilean copper in concentrate.

The main role in achieving a good result played mine Escondida. It belongs to the Australian company BHP. Its production volume amounted to 1.2 million tons of copper. Figure 2017 was 34% less. Another leading producer in Chile is the state enterprise Codelco. However, last year he showed his worst result. The company produced only 1.7 million tons of copper. The last time a poor result was recorded in 2014.

According to experts, the volume of copper mining in Chile will continue to grow. And this will happen quite rapidly. By 2025, it is expected that the figure will be 7 million tons. In the current year should increase the volume of production at Escondida. In addition, the company Codelco needs to rehabilitate and improve the result. There are also a number of new projects that should be implemented. We are talking about capacity expansion at two mines. This Sierra Gorda and Spence. Last year in Chile were also obtained molybdenum. Volume amounted to 60,7 thousand tons. However, compared to 2017, the result was below. The difference amounted to 3.4%. While mine Las Pelambres to increase production. It is owned by Antofagasta Minerals. Growth has reached 26%. However, total production still declined.

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