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At the Izhora pipe plant introduced a system of automatic heat control

At the Izhora pipe plant introduced a system of automatic heat control

Izhora pipe mill Severstal refers to. He engaged in implementing measures to improve the efficiency of the production process. Thus was introduced a system of automatic heat control. It is mounted in the shop, which produces large diameter pipes. Also installed regulating elements. They restrict the energy source. The installation was carried out at the intermediate substations. Thus, it is possible to carry out efficient control of heat consumption. However, not all innovations at the enterprise.

The company sold another project. We are talking about the automatic metering. This allows you to quickly collect information from the nodes and equipment. It concerns the use of natural gas, water (technical and drinking), heat. The main units of the plant has supplied flow meters. They collect information. Then information is obtained on a special server with all the data. Thus, it is possible to analyze and assess the situation. Especially it concerns energy. Specified how many of them requires an assortment of pipes. In the end, it is possible to make effective plans for their consumption. This will allow you to achieve some savings.

Activities carried out in the framework of improving the internal operating efficiency of the enterprise. This is given special attention. Because Izhora pipe plant is consistently working to improve energy efficiency. It is known that the production process is characterized by a large energy consumption. It is therefore necessary to optimize and lower energy consumption. This modern technology has been introduced and monitored. This is explained by the General Director of the company.

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