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Fund Tawazun acquired part of the Russian automaker Aurus

Tawazun — Fund defense, security and development. He is based in the United Arab Emirates. It became known that he had acquired a 36% stake in Aurus. This Russian company engaged in the production of cars. About the new deal, reported the press service of the Ministry of industry and trade. In addition to the shares, the Fund will make a major investment in the company. Its size will be 110 million euros. To implement the process of investment over the next three years. Funds will be used for the implementation of a new program. It concerns a full-scale mass production of cars Aurus. Special attention will be given to international sales.

The agreement provides another important point. The Foundation will act as General distributor of the model line of cars. This refers to the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. It is known that Aurus has been producing luxury cars. The interest of the Fund is explained good chances for implementation. They can successfully be sold on the global market. The project itself can be called effective in commercial terms. In addition, it can be quite attractive to other investors. For the first time the deal was announced in July last year. Then it also reported the Ministry of industry and trade.

The company Aurus has certified a number of its models in Russia. Now it has done certification in Europe. The car was first introduced in August last year in Moscow. In March of this year they will be presented in Geneva. Sales will start this year, but it is not clear exactly when. However, the company plans to sell about 50−70 units. Some cars already present in the fleet FSO. Aurus is a sedan, SUV, limousine and minibus.

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