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Cherepovets steel mill will be repaired 25 km of the railway

Cherepovets steel mill is part of the division «Severstal Russian steel». This is one of the largest integrated plants in the world. Meant for the production of steel products. The company announced that it intends to repair the railway. Work will be performed in the current year. It is planned to repair 25 miles of the railway. This will be implemented in the framework of the target program. It is aimed at repair of internal railway tracks of the enterprise.

Renovations will improve the level of safety of rail transportation. In addition, the increased speed of movement of the composition. In turn, this has a positive impact on the whole production process. Shipment of products will be faster and more efficient. Thus, customers will be in time to receive their orders. In addition, on the repaired routes will be transportation of raw materials. It will be delivered to the production units of the enterprise.

The process will be reconstructed 21 miles of the railway. In the use of reinforced concrete rail-sleeper grid. Implementation of the whole program is estimated at about 550 million rubles. The length of all railway routes is 440 km away. All of them will also be renovated. It is planned during the next 10 years. The company provides a comprehensive approach to the upgrade paths. They are an important logistic component. In addition, the update will also be a fleet of vehicles. The company will receive in the current year 4 new locomotive. This locomotive TEM-9. Will also be 16 new cars.

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