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Chelyabinsk zinc plant has launched a new section of the filtration of slurries

At Chelyabinsk zinc plant started to operate a new section of filtering slurries. Installation of equipment carried out in a hydrometallurgical plant. In the complex there is tank equipment, filter press, pumps. In addition, there is a special pipeline. It is used to filter the froth product of flotation of the pulp in the zinc cake. The implementation of the filtering process it is now possible thanks to the new filter press. Its manufacturer is the Italian company Fraccaroli & Balzan. In this press, the process of filtration of the pulp. It happens under intense pressure. All such presses installed 11 units. They are all placed in a hydrometallurgical plant.

New equipment is characterized by the presence of the upper side of the suspension filter plates. Due to this, the filter maintenance is much easier. The plate can be removed not only Assembly, but also from above. This allows more effective to clean the equipment. The filtration process is quite simple. First of all, there is a pinching set of filtration plates. Chamber and membrane plates formed a chamber space. In the filter press, enters the pulp. It takes the centrifugal electric pump unit. The liquid phase of the slurry shall pass through special pores. It is the pores of the fabric. It is all done under extreme pressure. Then the pulp is discharged from the filter through internal channels. In the process on the fabric occurs a precipitate. Its thickness steadily increases. Filtering will occur while this sediment does not fill the whole cell. After this, the pulp cease to apply. Product filtering is a filtered cake. It is discharged into a hopper. From there it transportyou to the final destination.

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