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Vietnam launched an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese aluminium imports

Last year, the ongoing conflict between the US and China. A prerequisite was the introduction of US steel tariffs and aluminum. Despite numerous negotiations, the situation is not much changed. In the world there is still a trade war. Because China is forced to change its export destinations. A large part of its aluminum products are sent to South-East Asia. Explains that excessive production. But not all countries are delighted with the many supplies.

So the government of Vietnam announced the start of anti-dumping investigation. For wire rod, bars and profiles made of aluminum. These products are supplied by China. The initiators of the investigation, and the local major steel company. It Austdoor enterprise, Song Hong Aluminium, Tung Yang and MienHua. They own almost a third of the national production of aluminum products. Specifically we are talking about bars and profiles. But they are not the only one who advocated an anti-dumping investigation. Until the end of January they may join a number of other enterprises. We are talking about the representatives of the Vietnamese steel industry.

Vietnamese producers have carried out their research. So according to their results, the margin of dumping is 35.58%. This refers to the delivery of aluminum products in China. Chinese imports are extremely cheap. Because of this were reduced earnings local national enterprises. In addition, they had to reduce the load of their production capacities. About it reports the Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam.

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