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At the steelworks of Port Talbot earned a blast furnace after capital repair

The Indian group Tata Steel has assets in the UK. This is a steel mill called Port Talbot. Previously, the company had more assets on British territory. However, in the period from 2016 to 2017 it is sold. Metallurgical plant Port Talbot has been planning to sell. But it never found a buyer. It was reported that the company decided not to close it. However, according to the latest news, she didn’t. Instead, it has developed a new investment project.

So the plant was carried out major repairs of the unit. We are talking about blast furnace No. 5. It has been completed and the blast furnace was put into operation. The project has cost Indian companies about $ 92 million. It is the largest investment in the European asset for the last time. So according to herself, the Indian group. This confirms its interest in its European division. She intends to further develop and improve it. In addition, the company plans to stay in the British iron and steel business.

The overhaul process has been updated all main equipment. Special attention was paid to important units and parts of the unit. The process was carried out in stages. Each stage was a certain period of time. Apparently, work is performed as planned. Thanks to major repairs, the blast furnace will run for longer. Its lifetime was extended by almost seven years. In addition, productivity has risen significantly. We should also clarify for the security work in the enterprise. Its level is also increased significantly. Of course, not been overlooked environmental component.

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