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In India there is a conflict between the authorities and national brands

News Agency Reuters reported on conflict situations in India. It arose between the Ministry of metallurgical industry and national automotive companies. This also affected the Indian manufacturers of components for cars. The reason was the introduction of new rules governing the import of certain types of steel. We are talking about high quality steel products. The new rules introduces the Ministry from 17 February this year. Thus, it intends to reach the use by industry of national production. It has called metallurgists to create new materials and establish joint ventures.

The Ministry of heavy industry is not very profitable idea. To this sector is the automotive industry. The Department believes that administrative constraints can only do harm. The same opinion industry Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India. The result may be counterproductive. This can lead to the direct import of auto components. In the end, domestic producers may suffer greatly. As an example, an industry Association, was given the Asian situation of the company. Its Director-General recalled, as needed stainless steel exhaust pipe. The company was not able to find in India manufacturer of such products. Because she started her import.

Another caveat is the quality and price of products. Not all national metallurgists can provide the desired level of quality. In addition, they cannot guarantee stability in the supply. However, these arguments do not stop the Ministry of metallurgical industry.

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