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The situation in the Chinese market of tungsten

Recently held the sixth international Summit FerroAlloyNet. It raised the topic regarding the state of the Chinese tungsten market. Today there are about 150 mines. We are talking about those that have a permit to mine tungsten. They are located primarily in four Chinese provinces. Among them, Jiangxi, Hunan, Yunnan and Henan. It should be noted that tungsten mining situation in the country is ambiguous.

In 2000 the Chinese government ceased to be issued a license. Thus, the extraction of tungsten, in fact, was prohibited. But since 2005 the situation has changed. Then a ton of tungsten concentrate cost 10 thousand yuan. In this regard, started to open a tungsten mine. Does the government also decided not to stand aside. It decides on the appointment of a specific quota. It concerns the extraction of tungsten. However, every year the volume of production exceeds it. The reason for that are unlicensed or illegal mines.

At the end of 2017 the volume of production amounted to 139 thousand tons. The size of the quota accounted for 91.3 thousand tons. This is the official figure. However, his calculation was not included the volume of illegal mining. On average in 2017 ton of tungsten concentrate cost 90200 yuan. Products from tungsten in China, is tungsten carbide. Its production takes about 50% of the volume of production. Also made of tungsten wires and tungsten electrodes. Their production took about 12 thousand tons. Finally it should be noted that the third sector is consuming tungsten. He is engaged in the production of high speed steel. He consumed about 8.5 thousand tons of tungsten concentrate. According to experts, the consumption of tungsten will continue to grow.

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