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Samarco might start working again before the end of next year

Samarco is a Brazilian company that produces iron ore pellets. It is a joint venture of the Brazilian Corporation Vale and BHP Australian. In December 2015, the company was forced to stop its work. The reason for this was the breakthrough of the tailings dam that led to disaster. The company took into account the emergency and plans to change the manufacturing process.

The company intends to build a complex on the basis of a new tailing dump Alegria Sul. This will be a special enterprise for processing of tailings in dry form. Pressed them to be in certain blocks. Such blocks can be used in construction or industry. Thus will be recycled 80% of waste. A new complex plan to create by the middle of next year. After that, it will be six months for a licence the environmental authorities. In the case of a positive of their solution, the company will resume its work.

The future complex will produce iron ore fines. Pump it will be by slurry pipeline to the port of Ponta Ubu. There is a enterprise engaged in the production of iron ore pellets. The power will be limited and will be 8 million tons/year. So may last until the end of 2020. Full download implies another figure. It can reach 30.5 million tons per year.

However, to extend the production have to really try. First of all, it all depends on the success of new technologies of processing of waste. If the company will be able to succeed, that it will continue to produce the pellets. They are provided not only for blast furnaces. They can also be used for modules for the production of recovered iron. It said the head of the sales Department of the company Samarco.

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