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Anglo American has again started to mine iron ore in Brazil

Anglo American has again started to mine iron ore in Brazil

Anglo American’s South African mining Corporation, which is registered in the UK. In March of this year she had to suspend work of the enterprise. We are talking about the plant Minas-Rio which is in Brazil. The reason for the stop became two consecutive breakthrough in shlamoprovoda. It transports iron ore. It is delivered to a port located more than 500 km. from There it is shipped for export. After such a long break, the company went back on.

The break lasted nine months. During this period, the experts conducted the survey. They carefully studied the entire pipeline. Length of problem area is 4 km away. It completely replaced. In this part of the pipeline happened on both leaks. In addition, the process revealed a number of other problems. They are also all eliminated. The works were aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of shlamoprovoda. For this we have created a monitoring system. It is aimed at the most problematic and complicated areas. Inspection will be performed every two years.

While production was suspended, the company has prepared a new plot. We are talking about a different area of the Deposit. Due to its use, will grow the production volume. In 2019, it could reach 18−20 million tons. Earlier it was planned to increase it only up to 16−19 million tons. The company intends to provide the project production Minas-Rio. He is 26.5 million tons per year. For the current year, the company expects a loss. It will be about 320 million dollars. This result is quite expected. The main reason is natural, for a prolonged period. However, the company in the current year there were other difficulties.

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