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Voestalpine has launched a new equipment at its plant Kapfenberg

Not so long ago the Austrian company Voestalpine has modernized its plant. We are talking about the company Kapfenberg. It manufactures high-tech products. It is executed from special steels and alloys. The first phase was commissioned in October last year. The plant was launched new units. This equipment is for the production of forgings. As raw materials we use special alloys. Forgings used in the aircraft industry and the automotive industry. Also consumers are enterprises of oil and gas industry. The new equipment has cost the company 40 million euros.

In addition to new equipment, also began operating the line for the production of powders. It is the powders used for 3D printing. An interesting point is that the company not only produces powder. It uses a method of 3D printing to directly create the necessary parts. Thus, it covers the whole technological process in the industry. In the world there are very few such manufacturers. This is explained by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Voestalpine. Such capabilities distinguish the company amid many others. They make it more modern and technologically advanced.

Modernization of the plant Kapfenberg is not the last item in the plans of the company. She intends to increase the productivity of the enterprise. By 2021 the figure is expected to increase to 20 thousand tons. This refers to the production of special steels and alloys. They will then be recycled. In the end, will produce high-tech products. It will be used in various sectors of the economy. For the implementation of the plans, the company intends to allocate about 500 million euros.

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