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U.S. steel imports have shown a sharp rise in October

In October, the American market received the 2.96 million tons of steel. Compared to October, it is by 3.7% more. The September figure exceeded the result of 44.2%. Such data results American Iron and Steel Institute. This surge is explained by the increase in the supply of slabs from Brazil. Over the past month, their volume was a record. It amounted to 834 thousand tons. In September this figure was only 91,1 thousand tons. Thus, the Brazilian steelmakers have been completely exhausted the quota. We are talking about a quota on imports of semi-finished products in the US this year.

Finished steel products are also exported to the United States. However, its import was not so impressive. It amounted to 1,805 million tons. Compared to the same period, the index fell by 21.4%. In the local market has significantly changed the composition of the vendors. For foreign products account for only about 20% of the U.S. market. This refers to the rental market, metalware and pipes. According to the results of the past ten months, the share has decreased by almost 21%.

For the first ten months, the country imported 26.7 million tons of steel. A year earlier, the figure was higher by 10.6%. Of this amount, slightly more than 20 million tons of finished products. Compared to last year is 13.4% less. The import of Russian products rose. In comparison with September it has increased by 9.2 per cent. In quantitative terms, the volume was 159,4 thousand tons. However, compared to last year October, he is still reduced. The reduction was 35.5%. Mainly from Russia to the U.S. market was supplied slabs. There were also many imported pipes in different categories.

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