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"Volgo-Baltik logistics" carried out a unique transportation of large equipment

«Volga-Baltic logistics» is a subsidiary of the company North-Western shipping company. She has carried out a unique transportation of large equipment. It is necessary for the modernization of the Omsk oil refinery, JSC «Gazpromneft». The transportation process lasted from June to October of the current year. It was executed in the framework of a long-term project. It began in 2016. Before delivery of equipment for several months had carried out preparatory work.

First developed design documentation. This worked out transport scheme. Delivery was supposed to be largebalcony compositions. The equipment was supposed to arrive to the special RO-RO jetty of the Omsk refinery. In the first game there were 19 pieces of equipment. It heaters, columns and separators. They are used in the processing of hydrocarbons. Overall the whole party was more than 850 tons. It was delivered on a large marine crane vessel.

The ship with the equipment arrived to RAID a New port. It is located in the Gulf of Ob on the Northern sea route. The arrival took place in August. All the equipment went from a few European ports. The second batch consisted of 37 units. It’s the same equipment. Total weight amounted to over 1 thousand tons. Her shipping was engaged in the Chinese sea carrier. The equipment arrived in September. Transshipments of bulk cargo was held on the roads of the New port. He was overloaded with two crane vessels, eight barges. The process was led by project managers «Volga-Baltic logistics». Also this was attended by representatives of engineering companies.

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