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The plant of "Karelian pellet" has a "virtual assistant"

The plant of

The plant of «Karelian pellet» refers to Severstal. It appeared a «virtual assistant». It is used in the manufacture of pellets. Three machines for roasting set optimized model. It has two main objectives. The first is to improve the performance of the hardware. The second is to ensure the savings of fuel oil during firing. It should not reduce the quality of the products. Oil is an extremely expensive fuel. It is the main cost item in the production. «Virtual assistant» will reduce its consumption. This is explained by the head portion of the firing control in the production of concentrate and pellets.

The new model receives some data. She thoroughly analyzes them, and then shares his insights. Details depend on which kind of pellets is produced. This applies to the moisture and sulphur in the concentrate, the amount of bentonite. In addition, the system makes its predictions. They touch the cold strength of the pellets after firing were held. Is a predetermined value. If the result is higher, the operator must take action. This is necessary to achieve its reduction. Thus, increase performance. In the end, reduced consumption of fuel oil.

As example, changing the operating mode. This applies to burners or induced draft fans. All tips «virtual assistant» is displayed on the operator monitor. Today are the last debug. Obtained from the system information is discussed by the specialists of the enterprise. It is analyzed in detail. Thus, the system is adjusted. Once it is working at the right level, it will actively exploit.

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