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The end of last week at the world market of sheet metal

The world market of sheet metal a few froze. Last week any significant events were observed. Summer was a prolonged pause in demand in some regions. After her activity is still not increased. As for prices, the and here not much change. But gradually they began to move. However, the different markets they are moving in different directions. This was influenced by American steel tariffs. Contributed import quotas in the European Union.

The biggest problems were observed in Turkey. It brings negativity in the world market of sheet metal. The local currency is gradually declining. In addition, there are difficulties with the economic activity. Local metallurgists have to massively export products. And the prices are quite competitive. This allows steel companies to stay afloat. However, beginning to be traced to a certain stability.

European steel companies to increase prices. The new proposals are billed more expensive 10−30 Euro per ton. For comparison come from current quotes. However, after the fourth quarter, things can change. Experts do not exclude that the products can still appreciate. Now significantly reduced competition. Mostly this applies to Indian and Russian imports.

In East Asian countries, nothing changed. The increase in demand is likely in the second half of September. Buyers from Vietnam are going to try to bring down prices. This applies to hot rolled coils. In the local market increased volumes of sheet metal. In addition, significantly slowed down economic growth. This decreased the attractiveness.

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