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At Altai-Koks reconstructed air filtration system

At Altai-Koks reconstructed air filtration system

The enterprise «Altai-coke» belongs to the NLMK Group. In its coal preparation plant was carried out reconstruction of system of clearing of air. It is located on the territory of the dumpers. Thanks to the new equipment the cleaning process has become much more efficient. Previously, the figure was 75%. Now he rose to 99.5%. In addition, the reconstruction has a positive impact on working conditions. Increased the safety of personnel.

The company consisted of two rotary vagonooprokidyvatelja. Thanks to them, the day is unloaded up to 200 cars. They transporterowych coal raw materials. Now, there are mounted high-performance bag filters. They are able to keep the coal dust. It promotes better air purification. Also, the improved extraction system. It is located on the site where the unloading of gondola cars. In addition, the replacement suffered the fans. Now the equipment works with higher capacity.

Implementation of the project is estimated at over 100 million rubles. Thanks to her preparation phases of coal is now much safer for employees. In addition, the new system catches the coal particles. Then she returns in the production process. This contributes to the reduction of losses. Environmental issue has long been on the agenda at the enterprise «Altai-Koks». The urban air is seriously controlled.

Monitoring is engaged in the Accredited laboratory of the Department of ecology. Also under the strict observation is sanitary-protective zone of the enterprise. The process of using a mobile station. While the plant refers to the most «greenest» coke chemical enterprises.

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