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In June the volume of sales of Beloretsk MK increased by 15%

Beloretsk metallurgical plant Mechel refers to. In June it has shipped more than 41 thousand tons of metalware. In comparison with the last year June 15% more. Increased the supply to such industries as oil and gas, construction. Also customers are in the engineering and automotive sectors. Most were sold with steel ball-bearing wire. It is used to make element bearings.

Calibrated rental was sold 1.5 times more. The comparison takes the same period last year. It is used in the production of various kinds of fasteners. In addition, it was shipped more steel reinforcing strands. They are used in industrial and civil construction. Overall volumes increased by 32%.

Welding alloy wire was implemented on 26% more. Again, compared to June last year. It is used for welding and surfacing of metal constructions. This is done in the enterprise in the field of mechanical engineering. In addition, the wire used in the industry of motoring and the automotive industry.

Everything else, increased sales of cold-drawn reinforcement. Volume increased almost 2 times. Low carbon wire is implemented by 26%. They are used for concrete structures. It’s all a total positive impact on the overall dynamics. Thus, Beloretsk metallurgical plant has demonstrated excellent results.

The performance of the company was achieved despite a reduction of market capacity of hardware. In General, it decreased by 2%. For comparison was taken the result for may. June, thus, became the most productive month. This is the most productive period in the first half. This is largely due to sales of the company.

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