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RMK and "Kazgeology" will cooperate

Recently signed a new Memorandum of cooperation. It concerns prospecting and exploration of polymetallic and non-ferrous ores. This will be carried out in the Republic of Kazakhstan. One side of the Memorandum was made by the Russian copper company. It will cooperate with the National exploration company «Kazgeology».

In the process, you will create a joint working group. It will select and assess the most promising sites. Also it will be a preliminary analysis of geological information. In addition, the group will determine how free the selected areas. By «Kazgeology» will be provided specialized services. Its experts will be engaged in geological prospecting.

The Russian copper company in Kazakhstan three companies. We are talking about those involved in the mining sector. It, too, «Cashiered», LLP «copper technology» LLP, «Aktobe copper company». Assets are concentrated in the Aktobe region. The company’s activities in Kazakhstan started in 2004. The size of the investment in industrial projects amounted to 885 million dollars.

Thanks RMK replenished the budget of the region. Its enterprises are paying considerable sums in taxes. In addition, they created a lot of jobs. There are now about 2500. The company is also actively involved in the development of the local social sphere. It helps to improve the local infrastructure. This year it takes over 1 million dollars.

RMK will allocate in the next few years, more than $ 300 million. Funds will be used for capacity development. We are talking about recycling companies. Part of this sum will be spent on the exploration of copper-zinc deposits.

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