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Limit steel imports to the EU could begin in July

Limit steel imports to the EU could begin in July

The European Union previously reported on the response to American tariffs. They are necessary in order to avoid the oversupply of steel in the European market. Many vendors change the direction of their supplies. Thus, the products are mass transported to Europe. This can lead to serious consequences. Because E. S. introduces import restrictions. It is expected that they will start in mid-July. It is reported by the European Commissioner for trade.

It is known that in late March began an investigation. It happened as soon as I became aware of the introduction of us tariffs. It will be carried out before the end of this year. But the European Commission is inclined to impose its own limitations. They are called provisional protective measures. What will be their contents while being developed.

His proposal was made by the European steel Association Eurofer. In her opinion, each country must establish its own quota. In addition, they will be based on the kind of steel products. Equal quotas are the average shipments over the last 3 years. The size of the export duty on the amount over the limit should be 25%. Are there any alternatives, is unknown.

However, not all European associations agree with the introduction of fees. We are talking about some representatives of the automotive industry. This also applies to enterprises in the fields of construction, agriculture, household appliances. In addition, such a relation is present at the appliance manufacturers. They urge the Commission to abandon the idea of import restrictions.

European industrial Association say about the profitability of the regional metallurgical industry. In recent years, they consistently achieves success. Because of the additional protection it to anything. Duties can greatly affect the volume of supply of steel products. This can, in turn, lead to higher prices.

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