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The power plant of the Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine mount the new turbine

Magnitogorsk iron and steel works has received a new steam turbine. She was taken to Central electric station. The equipment will be installed instead of the existing. Thus, increase the energy efficiency of the enterprise. Installation work will start in the near future. To deal with them will be experts of the enterprise. Manufacturer of the equipment was made by the Ural turbine plant.

New steam turbine with the high quality components. In addition, it has a modern automatic control system. This will allow her to operate in the desired modes, consuming less energy. In the end, decrease the costs of the enterprise. First of all, it concerns the specific consumption of heat. It is required to generate 1 kW of electric energy.

Also reduce the cost of natural gas. In the end, will raise the efficiency of the entire station. The new equipment will last at least 40 years. Turbine T-42/50−2,9 features a powerful generator (50 MW). It was produced by Novosibirsk scientific-production Association «ELSIB». Its power is two times more than in the same hardware. The result is increased electrical power throughout the station.

First turbine will be installed. This will bound the piping and mounted accessories. The result will be carried out commissioning work. The work of the new Assembly starts according to plan until the end of the year. The power plant operation will be optimized and decrease the likelihood of interruptions. The same applies to the need for repair. Manufacturability grow significantly. In addition, significantly increase the level of reliability and security.

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