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What happens in the world market of metals

What happens in the world market of metals

One of the most popular themes today are electric. Global automakers are creating a new kind of environmentally friendly form of transport. Their use reduces the negative impact on the environment. In addition, the operation of electric vehicles is much cheaper. Now even raised the question concerning reconstruction of roads. The current way is not very good for fashionable transport. They damage such a machine.

This situation will affect the oil consumption. Over time it will lose it’s demand. To replace him will come the need for metals. Last year it was already sold about 1.22 million electric vehicles. They account for 1.5% of the total world market. 2/3 is on fully electric cars. The remainder are hybrids. Compared to 2016, volume sales grew by 58%. According to forecasts for the current year, growth will be even greater.

Most of the transactions go to China. First, there is more electric cars. Second, they increasingly are purchased. It is known that the Chinese government introduces environmental restrictions for businesses. The population itself is also interested in a clean environment. Because people seek more environmentally friendly transport. However, as prices of electric vehicles, it is cheap until they are called.

High prices are related to the fact that still there are difficulties with the charges. Now these machines are more exclusive. In addition, there are problems with the outlets. Even in big cities they will meet not so often. But experts note that the issue will be resolved in the near future. Because the world market of metals significantly aktiviziruyutsya. Expected surge in production volumes. The most popular are metals: copper, Nickel, aluminum, lithium, cobalt.

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