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«Karabashmed» refers to the Russian Copper Company. It is in full swing modernization of the chemical and metallurgical complex. The foundation for the new Kumera converter has already been installed. The capacity of the unit is 150 tons. The equipment will be installed this month. Commissioning will be carried out in the third quarter. The new equipment is characterized by gas-tight and aspirating dusters.

The installation of new units will reduce the level of pollution of the environment. In addition, due to its use, working conditions improve. Converters are not the only novelty in the enterprise. Also, a dry electrofilter and two smoke exhausters will be installed. Also there is a mounting of technological flues. Thus, a full range of modernization measures is carried out.

The enterprise and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology signed an agreement. It was signed in November 2016. Rosprirodnadzor and the government of the Chelyabinsk region also took part in this. Thus, a program of events was created. They concern environmental issues. They will be implemented at the Karabashmed enterprise. Within the project, installation of converters and gas cleaning equipment is carried out.

In total, three Kumera converters were ordered. Two of them have been functioning since October 2017. In the current year, more than 2 billion rubles will be spent on modernization. Thanks to a large-scale renovation, the capacity of the company will grow. So a year it will produce up to 150 thousand tons of blister copper. 130 thousand tons of products will be produced from mineral raw materials. As a result, this will increase the profitability of the Karabashmed enterprise.

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