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As was the case in the global long products market last week

As was the case in the global long products market last week

World politics is still going through difficult times. Accordingly, this has an impact on the economic situation, and quite adversely. The market became somewhat frozen in anticipation. It is unknown what will turn the U.S. decision to re-enter sanctions against Iran. In addition, the brewing trade conflict. One way it has been the United States and another China. Also remain strained relationship between America and Europe. As an additional negative factor is the seasonal lull. In the Muslim world began Ramadan, and East Asia waiting for the rains.

Most buyers slowed down trade with Iran. And it’s not just the oil, that is subject to sanctions. Companies are afraid of reprisals. In particular, it suspended the sale of the workpiece. While iron and steel Association of Iran seeks to calm everyone down. In her opinion, the sanctions do not cover the steel products. However, consumers are still reluctant to place orders. Because the demand has dropped significantly. It is observed after the recent announcement of Donald trump.

As for producers from the CIS countries, then everything is Vice versa. The situation with Iran could play into their hands. Low demand for Iranian semi-finished products can help them increase sales. Some companies have already started to talk about the growth of prices. Specifically, they announced the price hike of billet. But while all this is happening. To switch to Ukrainian and Russian suppliers, yet no endeavor. Awaiting developments. Because the real deals have been made yet. Consumers from the middle East and does require cheaper products. Explain your requirement they are low current demand.

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