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The plant RUSINOX has an official representative

The plant RUSINOX has an official representative

Plant RUSINOX got the official representative. They became the Russian company OOO «Indexmarket». It manufactures electric-welded pipes. Used for the manufacture of stainless steel. In partnerships the company for a long time. Moreover, «Indexmarket» the plant is one of the main partners.

Such a warm relationship was formed with an ulterior motive. The company RUSINOX high quality products. In turn, «Indexmarket» quite often orders it from him. In addition, deliveries are made always at the appointed time. Cooperating company for a long time. During this entire period there were no disputes and defects.

For a long time, businesses considered the possibility of a closer cooperation. So the question regarding official representation arose long ago. He carefully studied the risks and trust. In the end, it was decided — «Indexmarket» will be the official representative.

Before you finally decide, there have been many audits. In recent time, there have been talks. After weighing all «for» and «against» was solved. The company is confident in each other. Thus, it is possible to reach a new level of cooperation. The Russian company «Indexmarket» have proven their reliability and professionalism.

The plant continues to improve the production process. The quality of its products every year is getting higher. The official representative will improve the position of the enterprise market. Also because of this it will be able to expand your client base. RUSINOX have big plans for the future. It is possible to realize, than he will.

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