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Metal powder is now possible to obtain in a new way

Metal powder is now possible to obtain in a new way

Recently we developed a new method to obtain metal powder. It lies in the centrifugal spraying of the workpiece. In addition, it uses the latest special device. The method was developed by all-Russian Institute of light alloys. Thanks to this way of technological process has become much easier. He also contributes to the outputs of suitable powder. Operating costs substantially reduced. The finished products are ultimately characterized by higher quality.

Metal powder is obtained by placing the billet in a knot. This is a special node that rotates and sprays. It is combined with other node — plasma melting. First is melting. Then there is centrifugal spraying of the workpiece. After this, the formed particles are cooled and solidified. The last stage is when they are flying in Gaza. The node through which the sprayed workpiece made of an identical material.

The surface of the spray node is wetted with molten workpiece. In the process is heating the combined ends of the workpiece in the same plane. In the end the surface changes automatically. After that, it is cleaned of oxide captivity. Thus, the conditions of maximum wetting. The result is the creation of a stationary film of the melt. The site that once was so formed, is used many times. We are talking about the node spraying. Its repeated use leads to the development of the resource. To participate this node may in other cycles. This makes it possible to achieve reduction of the size of operating costs. The final product is reliable and high quality.

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