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Jacob and mine will invest $ 2 billion

This year, investing in Yakovlevskiy mine will be 2 billion. Last year the expenditure amounted to 4 times less. Approximately 47% will go to increase production. 17% of the investment will replace outdated equipment. 15% will ensure safety. Mounting a null layer mine field will receive 21% of investments. This layer acts as a protective ceilings. He needed to Deposit and then practiced. The investment program will allow to acquire at least 25 new pieces of equipment.

To continue working in the mine, planned to purchase at least 6 cars. This load-haul-dump equipment. It is also planned to acquire 3 support vehicles. They are used underground. In addition, will be purchased toplivoresurs and drilling rig. In addition, we priobretete knowleable equipment. Special attention will be paid to subsurface equipment. We are talking about railway vehicles used underground. Will you buy a new locomotive and bucket loader. Also priobretete trolley. They will be transported workers and explosives.

The most expensive is the mounting of capital mining workings. They need to ventilate when you get more production volumes. Its part of the Finance will get a scientific study. More funds will be spent on design work. This will improve security. Also the technology on which mining operations are conducted, will be optimized. Crushing-sorting plant will rearm the following. It will replace the worn out Elevator. The investment complies with all the imposed conditions. The plan was developed by the company itself.

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