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According to experts in in February the price will rise

Interesting review published GK Metalltreyd. She told his vision of the situation with the Russian market of metal products. On her recommendation, you should change the purchase price. Special attention should be paid to large shaped products.

You should also highlight cold-rolled flat-rolled products. It is they, most likely, and will increase prices. High demand is large profile. In addition, the demanded doped hire. Special attention is paid to the channels, which are parallel to the slope of the shelves.

In the domestic market have already announced price increases. It was about 2000 rubles per ton. Planned reduction of sales volumes of long products. This was announced by the company producing it. They plan to continue to raise prices in the next few months.

There are still limitations with the rental, different major diameter. Low range is also undergoing hard times. This will also affect future price performance. In the sector sections on an appreciation may affect several types. It is a large beam and corners.

Every week there is a rise in price of flat hot-rolled steel. Most of all, rising prices for cold rolled and galvanized steel. Pipe rolling can rise as well as roll.

Prices on flat-rolled steel products to grow identical to the current situation. Price indices of structural shapes can be stored in the near future. Rebar will continue to grow strongly in the price. Low assortment will grow and can cost 3000 rubles per ton. This is due to the fact that large manufacturers do not have to hire a diameter of 8 mm.

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