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UC RUSAL and the German company SMS Group will cooperate

UC RUSAL and the German company SMS Group will cooperate

UC RUSAL will cooperate with concert SMS Group (Germany). The company has already signed an agreement. They will cooperate in the development of production of new equipment. We are talking about updates to create a rod. Used for its production of unique technology. It was developed by RUSAL. The gist of it is that casting, rolling and extrusion will be covered. Thus, it is possible to produce high quality products. In this production of special varieties.

The agreement includes what will be further developed the industrial line. It is mounted on Incase. The line is subject to commercialization around the globe. Power on which it is based, will provide the SMS Group. This is a joint work that involves agreement. Cooperation with major European companies is a major step for RUSAL. It has a direct impact on the development of the enterprise. In addition, it will affect the Russian intellectual development.

Thanks to the cooperation with SMS Group, there is an incentive to domestic enterprises. They can try to popularize its technology and products abroad. Thus, they can become competitive in the world. In addition, this situation significantly affects the development of the business. Its effectiveness increases.

When developing their own technical innovations, the company provides the uniqueness. Every client gets something that the others don’t. By the way, this also applies to cooperation with foreign companies. Over time, this approach can greatly help local businesses. They will be able to reach a whole new level for them. While they will be competing with world leaders.

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