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Import restrictions of steel and aluminium again on the agenda in the United States

Import restrictions of steel and aluminium again on the agenda in the United States

The US President spoke before senators and congressmen. They are representatives of States, distinguished by the high development of metallurgy. Donald trump shared with them your thoughts about import. We are talking specifically about the import of steel and aluminum. He examines the point that can be made more restrictive. This will affect imports of products that could harm local producers. It operates by article 232 of U.S. trade laws. According to said, the President is entitled to introduce restrictions on imports of any goods. Of course, this applies to those products that harm «national security interests.

Last year an investigation was carried out in the United States. He was exposed to import of steel and aluminum products. In January of this year, the report fell into the hands of the President. He has time till April to make a decision. April 11th needs to be addressed with steel imports. Before April 20, he needs to issue a verdict regarding the aluminum. According to trump, the presidential administration is considering several options. One of them is the increase in import duties. The Minister of trade USA proposes to act more carefully. Wilbur Ross believes that an article can be used not so big. That is, duties and quotas can be applied only to individual States.

Attended the training camp participants who want an immediate introduction of new fees. Rob Portman said that the production of transformer steel AK Steel may be terminated. In the end, national grid will be completely dependent on imports. Some expressed their negativity restrictions. According to them, it will hurt local consumers. It is logical that after the introduction of restrictions, the prices will jump up.

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