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The volume of production of Kamensk-Ural plant for the past year amounted to 23,6 thousand tons

The volume of production of Kamensk-Ural plant for the past year amounted to 23,6 thousand tons

Kamensk-Ural plant of non-ferrous metals processes. It is part of GK Renova. The other day was summed up its activities for the year 2017. He was able to increase its production volume. The same applies to rental and non-ferrous metals. The overall result amounted to 23,6 thousand tons. In comparison with the previous year, 17% more.

Rolled ferrous metals showed the result of 20.5 thousand tons. Its growth made 14%. On non-ferrous metal accounted for about 87% of the total production volume. Powders and powder is a total of 13%. In quantitative terms, this amounts to 3.1 million tonnes.

When viewed in the context of non-ferrous metals, the situation is interesting. Flanges produced 38% more. The production of bronze rent increased by 64%, together with Nickel. Zinc rental showed an increase of almost 2.5 times. Metal powders and powder produced 39% more.

This growth is quite easily explained. The fact is that the increased number of orders for the domestic market. Russian enterprises are actively bought this product. It is used in instrument and mechanical engineering. Also it is used in the production of electrical engineering. Special attention began to be paid to the representatives of construction companies. They were followed by the orders of metallurgical and aircraft manufacturing industry.

Special forecasts for the current year yet. However, plant hope for a further increase in the number of orders. Thus, it is possible to increase production. At the moment, the performance of the company shows good results. Perhaps the trend will continue in the near future.

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