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Lakhta Center received the steel from Belenergomash-BZEM

The company Belenergomash-BZEM is engaged in manufacturing of various steel structures. One of his latest customers delivered Lakhta Center. Its multifunctional complex has a tower, which made for a spire. The height of the structure is 117,75 m. it Weighs about 1,85 thousand tons. This is a team in the five-sided pyramid. It relies on the special columns at elevation +344,250 m. the Diameter of each column pipe is 1020 mm. All of them are inclined to the axis of the object itself.

So that the entire structure was stable columns. This is done at the expense of vertical relations. To create it use a pipe, whose diameter was 325 mm. where the spire narrows the maximum, is mounted a Central column. She plays the role of a kind and stands made from steel pipe. Diameter is 1420 mm. On it is attached to the façade structure. Around the spire of the façade is secured by means of crossbars. Their step is 4.2 m in height. The whole system is very durable and does not change its shape.

The design is unique, and most importantly produced in a short time. The company had to work around the clock. Was involved in all services of the plant. Also worked as the General contractor and the designer. Participated in process accompanies this project tsniisk im. Kucherenko. The coherence and professionalism allowed us to create a quality product in a short time.

100% test Assembly design was carried out at the factory. It was necessary to ensure that all of its elements converge. After that, she had to be accepted by the contractor. In the same participated and installation company. Construction started in October 2012. In General, the tower is 462 meters in height. The end of the construction process is planned this year.

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