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Iranian exports of rebar can be increased

Private steel companies of Iran want to join. Do this in order to direct the overall efforts on promotion. It concerns promotion on foreign markets of steel products. This is especially true of valves. As it became known, the company agreed to establish an export consortium. Or it can be called a cooperative company for the Association (integration). Due to this the company will support the export of steel products.

At present, Iran exports mostly semi-finished steel. Private companies interested in expanding sales of another product. They also want to deliver abroad finished products, namely rebar. All around the country annually produces about 20 million tons. The download production is less than 50%. This is due to the depression in the construction industry of Iran. It last a very long time.

Starting with 21.03 21.12 in 2017, Iranian exports amounted to 397 thousand tons of rebar. Last year the figure was approximately 2 times less. However, delivery was done in a neighboring state (Iraq and Afghanistan). For the first time in January of this year rebar set in the UK. The supplier was made by Esfahan Steel Co. It was a test shipment, and it was successful.

Because many small businesses have also decided to go this route. They are planning to supply its products to European countries. But it is not the ultimate goal. Grandiose plans of Iranian metallurgists include the supply on the world market. First of all, they will start with the European continent. Indicators of interaction with the European market will tell you how to proceed.

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