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The cost of non-ferrous metals continued to decline

The cost of non-ferrous metals continued to decline

The cost of non-ferrous metals in the global market continues to decline. From mid-December for a five-day period, they fell by 3−4,5%. The result was their return to the minimum mark from the period August-October this year. The cost of Nickel in mid-December compared to last year’s period decreased by 4.5%, reaching the level of 10.9 per thousand dollars per ton. Since the beginning of October this result is a minimum. The price of copper fell by 3.2%, reaching 6.6 thousand USD per ton, which is also the lowest since October of this year.

Investors began to show less interest in non-ferrous metals. The main factor was the concern about the falling demand of Chinese consumers. In early December, futures exchange Shanghai reported an increase in aluminum stocks to the level of historic highs. Played a role the increase in the dollar exchange rate, having increased pressure on non-ferrous metals. The DXY index reached 94 points, surpassing the previous week by 1.3%. Concerning European currencies the dollar is strengthening by 1.5%, reaching 1,176 dollar for one Euro.

However, the recovery cost after such a sharp drop is possible. Market players doubt the long decline of the value of metals. But just in case, unless there is a tightening of the rhetoric of the Federal reserve system of the USA. Rate rise of 0.25% is actually provided in the cost of production. Accordingly, the factor of influence for the most part, the reaction shown by the operations Committee. In case of differences between the tone of the statement from market expectations of the likely value growth. But at the first hint of undertake aggressive monetary policy rates will decline.

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