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SMTS-Kolpino promises to deliver an estimated 42 tons of products to enterprise cement production

SMC-Kolpino is a division of «Severstal Russian steel». It plans before the end of next month to take delivery of 42 tons. Will deliver to the company, engaged in the manufacture of cement. It is located in the city of Volkhov in the Leningrad region. The products supplied consists of 7 shells. Their diameter is 3−3,6 m. They are constituents of structures for firing. The subject firing the cement clinker.

By itself, the shell is an open element metal construction. It differs a cylindrical or conical shape. Shells are used in the construction industry, engineering, industry, etc. SMC-Kolpino is also capable of producing larger shells. Their diameter is 4.5 m. they are Made by rolling thick plate of metal. The process occurs when using the four-roll hydraulic bending machine.

This machine was mounted on the SMC-Kolpino in 2013. In 2016 he has undergone modernization, during which he replenished. We are talking about lateral and Central support. Due to this, the performance increased significantly. In addition, technological processes have become significantly safer. Starting in 2015, the company has shipped to customers in more than 70 tons of shells. Consumers were made by the manufacturers of building materials. Put them shells was characterized by a larger diameter. The Director of SMC-Kolpino believes that the creation of this original products is very promising. The end user gets a product that meets its stated requirements. In addition, the company manufactures products, which has high added value.

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