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Copper market 2018: what to expect?

Copper market 2018: what to expect?

The cost of copper continues to rise. The main consumer of the red metal continues to be China. Chinese consumers account for about 40% of demand. While industrial production and construction sector of China has been growing steadily. The average annual cost of copper will reach about 6.2 thousand dollars per ton on the London metal exchange. However, quotes can achieve 7 thousand dollars.

Specialists of Russian copper company believe that demand growth is due not only to the situation in China. Holds pending investment in expansion projects, and resulted in input lag in the new production of concentrate of copper. We should remember and restore the pace of industrial growth in many countries, and the suspension of mining large deposits. Also takes into account the active development of new industrial segments, requiring considerable copperinjections.

At the beginning of 2017, the stocks of the London metal exchange decreased by 35%, which was about 200,000 tons. For copper industry, this figure can be considered critically low. However, this does not limit the reduction, given the expected shortfall on the copper market. RMK the experts believe that the observed increase in the value of the underlying metals will last for the next three or four years. It is assumed that the growth of world consumption of refined copper next year will reach about 3%. The volume of production will increase only by 1.6%. Moreover, until 2022 the average annual increase in the rate of production growth will not exceed 1.4%. That to the annual increase in demand, it will be no less than 2%. Consequently, the global deficit of copper can exceed 380000 tons in 2021. Copper deficiency in 2022 will be about 620000 tons.

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