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The results for the past week on the Russian and world market of rolled products

The results for the past week on the Russian and world market of rolled products

Valves on the Russian spot market slowly continues to decrease. The reason is quite simple. First of all, in the construction industry is markedly seasonal lull. In addition, the ratio of supply and demand changes significantly. The role played by what has worsened the situation abroad.

Domestic steelmakers are forced to lower quotes to the semis. This is the product that is exported. Demand is also somewhat narrowed. Because manufacturers are thinking about supply in the country. This leads to increased competition in the domestic market. The result — change.

The cost rolled into the spot market decreased for a reason. This is a result of the fact that the demand improved somewhat. At small sales volumes, change the quotes made no sense. Cheap products would not be able to activate sales. That began to change in the middle of last month. Market revived due to the activity of buyers.

With shaped rolled all much calmer. The demand is not particularly active, because the quotes do not need to change. In February you can expect a slight price reduction. This applies to corner and overrated channel. Distributors hope to negotiate with manufacturers. It would be nice to lost a bit.

On the foreign market much livelier. Turkish and Egyptian buyers almost do not acquire sortovyy rental. The same applies to the workpiece. To implement the new purchase, many people start to bargain. Thus, all comes to price concessions. Turkey has seen a price reduction of scrap metal. This has a negative impact on the overall situation of steel products.

In the Gulf countries and the European Union the situation is reversed. There sortovyy rental rose significantly. The reason lies in the revitalization of the construction industry. Also there is change in China. Began active procurement of rebar.

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