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Information system

Information system

Altai-Koks is a part of NLMK Group. It introduced a new information system. It is called «Environmental control.» The system will help to quickly make decisions on management in environmental issues. Its main advantage is the automated data processing. Thus greatly facilitating the process of information exchange. Now every unit will be easily informed of the status of objects.

We are talking about objects that belong to environmental control. Among them: equipment for air purification, waste storage, etc Information system has affected all the company (each plant and division). Each employee can contribute information about the functioning of environmental equipment.

The main advantage of information systems — it assists to respond faster. So thanks to her, the necessary activities will be carried out more quickly. The environment will be protected. Faster will be generated status reports, which is environmental objects. Moreover, they can be created for any period of time. In addition, to take into account various effective parameters.

At Altai-Koks, there are a number of priorities. Production, different ecological security, is among them. Specialists constantly monitor the state of the atmosphere of the city. Also, they control the sanitary-protective zone of the plant. Starting in 2012, a mobile station that monitors the condition of the air. Facility’s collection system, which collects emissions. There is also a plant that produces coke dust. Actively functioning system, which is responsible for air purification. It works in all the major divisions of the plant.

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