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The situation on the Russian market for long products over the past week

The situation on the Russian market for long products over the past week

While Russian long products market slowed down a bit. This is due to the fact that buyers become less active. In the construction industry the situation is inferior to last year’s schedule. Remains only hopes that she will catch up with him in April 2018. However, it seems that domestic steelmakers will increase selling prices for rebar. It is expected that situation in January. Manufacturers of hire going even more to spend. Also affected by the world market. Export quotations for procurement surpassed the mark of factory prices.

Domestic billet exporters have raised prices for their products. The indicators reached the level of September. This became possible thanks to increase in the price of Turkish scrap. Plus also contributed to the rise in the Chinese market. Last if higher then it is difficult to predict. However, the semi-finished products on the world market is unlikely to fall in price. Because Russian steelmakers may raise prices for rebar. We are talking about the situation on the domestic market next month.

Quotes on scrap market has stabilized somewhat. In other countries there has been a sharp rise. Because domestic factories have decided not to reduce prices. Some companies even stated to increase. In January, prices can rise. This is because the plants will begin to increase their stocks. Some end of autumn reserves.

The price increase for rebar to distributors until brings joy. The probability of price increase they are yet wary. Prices from leading companies still has not changed much. But at the conclusion of transactions already occur less frequently.

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