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GFG Alliance wants to implement the program "Greensteel"

GFG Alliance wants to implement the program

The company GFG Alliance is a British group, which includes Liberty House. The latter is engaged in production of steel and rolled products. Liberty House in the past two years absorbed the other companies. Now the company intends to increase production volumes. At present, its steel production is 1.1 million tons per year. It is planned to increase to 5 million tons. The expansion of smelting should be carried out within five years.

To achieve this goal, the British group intends to implement a «Greensteel». This program provides some changes in the steelmaking process. So in its production furnaces use some electricity. It is obtained from renewable sources. Yourself furnace is made using scrap metal. This maneuver will help to reduce the emitted amounts of carbon dioxide. Moreover, they can be cut by almost 10 times. This is for 1 ton of steel. The use of blast furnaces and converters do not allow this.

GFG Alliance has studied the situation regarding the scrap metal in the UK. Thus, according to her for a year approximately 10 million tons. Of these, 7.2 million went for export. From abroad entered the country of 6.6 million tons of steel products. It is subject to further processing. «Greensteel» is committed to replace a large volume of its import. The redistribution of scrap metal in the country will increase in volume.

All anything, but the question remains regarding funding. Their sponsors, the project is not yet found. However, the company hopes for the best. She emphasizes that to become «green», which means a more environmentally friendly product. Because hopes that British and European companies will support financially.

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