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Chelyabinsk branch has completed testing on receipt of India

Chelyabinsk branch has completed testing on receipt of India

Chelyabinsk zinc plant successfully finished the implementation of the new industrial challenges. It is about obtaining high-purity indium. In September, the plant’s specialists managed to get the first batch of India in the amount of 27 kg. of 6N Grade metal assumes the level of a basic element of at least 99.9999 percent. If we consider this qualification in relation to the level of contamination, it should not be more than one part in a million. Until new stamps Chelyabinsk plant produced quite a good mark 5N with the content of the base element at the level of 99.999%. The General level of contamination was less than ten parts per million.

The specialists of the enterprise to focus on getting India through processing’ts-oxide from the forties. Originally the metal was delivered to customers in the form of a sponge or as a concentrate. In 1955 he managed to get the first sample of metallic indium in the amount of 58 grams. However, only in 1973 all brands India have been certified to receive the state mark of quality.

If we consider the 6N 5N brand, and rather superficially, the difference in one character seems insignificant. However, the technical characteristics show great differences. Under standard conditions to obtain a metal with a purity similar to Marche 6N is not only difficult but expensive. Even a small speck of dust, once a part of, will cause non-compliance. The procedure for obtaining India such a high purity is an innovative solution engineers Chelyabinsk branch and UMMC. Given the high demands of world industry for quality and properties of the raw material, the new brand promises to be a very popular product. Especially when it comes to high-tech sectors focused on the manufacture of semiconductors, LCDs. In the manufacture of indium are used very willingly.

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