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In the lithium industry started the next projects

In the lithium industry started the next projects

Lithium is a light alkali metal. His main area of use — power sources used in electric cars. In the global lithium industry is planned to implement two major projects. We are talking about building plants for the production of metal. So, the canadian company Bacanora Minerals will develop lithium deposits in the Sonora. This state is located in the North of Mexico. The Ministry of environment of the country gave permission not only for the development. The company will construct a plant producing carbonate of lithium.

In accordance with the preliminary feasibility study of the project envisages the construction of the enterprise capacity will amount to 35,000 tons of carbonate of lithium in a year. The production of potassium sulfate for the same period will amount to 50000 tons. Manufactured products plans to purchase the company Hanwa. She is a strategic partner of the project. To date, the field work of the pilot plant. It produces lithium carbonate for batteries for the past year and a half. It is assumed that the development of TBE project will be completed before the end of 2017.

The implementation of the second project plans to deal with the Australian company Mineral Resources. It needs to start in the 4th quarter of 2017. The aim of the project is production of aluminium silicate and lithium. Presumably its beginning will be in the third quarter of next year. Mineral Resources will develop the field Wodgina. It is located in Western Australia. Expected output 6% concentrate is equivalent to 250,000 tons annually. Future expansion they will reach 750,000 in the year. The company plans a review of the project in relation to the construction of another plant for the production of lithium carbonate. Its capacity will be 50,000 tons annually. The extension can reach 100000 tons.

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