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Tominskiy MPC began construction of the Foundation of the factory

Tominskiy MPC began construction of the Foundation of the factory

Tominskiy mine located in the Chelyabinsk region, and one of RMK, began the construction of the main concentrator building. In addition to the main building of the planned construction of other facilities, both production and support. In General construction the project involves raising 17 objects of capital construction, as reported by the press service of the RMK. At the moment Tominskiy GOK has received all required construction permits. In the list of objects consists of the factory itself and infrastructure of the plant.

On the construction site already completed earthworks. Was made the Foundation of the main building of the factory. Produced preparatory processes of casting other elements of the Foundation construction project. To date, completed construction of the foundations of the administrative building, including the dining room. Among the performed works — score pile, is suitable for warehouses. Concrete work is carried out at the construction site on specially mounted concrete mixing node. Now in the construction processes involved 200 workers and 45 units of technical staff. In July of this year, investments in the project amounted to more than 65 billion rubles. Technological level and characteristics of the Tominsk GOK promise to surpass all businesses in the industry. Involved in this innovative technology can enrich copper-porphyry the raw material to 0.4% copper.

It is assumed that all planned facilities will be built by the end of 2019. This will start the commissioning work. The concentrator is built on the site of the mine that contains copper-porphyry raw materials. The reserves of the mine is estimated at 660 million tons of ore. The field is one of the 50 largest global copperassets.

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