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Rostec will upgrade equipment for the Ministry of defence

Rostec will upgrade equipment for the Ministry of defence

The company «Shcheglovsky Shaft» in Tula began working a new shop. It is intended for modernization of equipment, differing light armor. The shop area is 5 thousand square meters. It operates the latest equipment. It is designed according to modern standards. With it, will be Assembly, welding, heat-treatment and paint work. It will also be machining parts. This will improve the performance of combat vehicles.

The new shop allows you to introduce modern technology in the production process. Includes 240 new jobs. Specialists will be engaged in the improvement of light armored vehicles. It includes BMD-2 and BMP-2. Thus, it became possible to achieve high performance. The newest equipment will speed up the process. The quality of the finished product should significantly grow. Such a decision on the upgrade and maintenance approved by the Ministry of defense of Russia. Under the agreement, the alteration shall be 540 combat vehicles.

The modernized machinery, a line which is specified in the state defense order. It meets the needs of the Ministry of defence. The process occurs within the state armaments programme — 2025. The conclusion of such Treaty is the first major signing of the agreement. Earlier similar agreements on the implementation of the order from the Ministry of defence was not.

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