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Kobe Steel has supplied low-quality products

Kobe Steel has supplied low-quality products

The Japanese company Kobe Steel has announced one of the results of internal audit. Manufacturer of non-ferrous, ferrous metals repeatedly produced and supplied to consumers products that do not meet their requirements. We are talking about problematic products from copper and aluminum. As revealed by the internal investigation had been falsified, the data relating to production testing. So, from last September to August shipments of aluminum products totaled 19.3 thousand tons. The volume of copper products reached 2.2 thousand tons. This number did not meet quality standards. In percentage terms, this is about 4% of all deliveries for a specified period.

Representatives of the company said that the breach was discovered in products that were intended for approximately 200 users. The list included companies from the field of vehicle engineering, food industry, electronics and other industries. To date there is no evidence already to the goods delivered with counterfeit test results. From consumers has received no complaints about the security breach. However, Kobe Steel continues to contact the affected consumers. It is expected that clarification of the situation will help to avoid a larger scandal.

The company will have to provide explanations and documents regarding counterfeit for certain types of steel. On October 11 representatives of the company announced the delivery of non-conforming specifications of steel powder. Continues figuring out what types of steel products have also become problematic objects. For its part, the customers of Kobe Steel quickly check the quality of delivered products. After opening the abuse of the shares of the Japanese company went down sharply.

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