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Karabashmed has conducted a major overhaul of equipment

Karabashmed, part of Russian copper company, completed the overhaul. Under the project, maintenance work was carried out chemical and metallurgical site. Repair has undergone machinery and metals, energy, sulfuric acid plant. In addition to putting in order the equipment specialists of the company installed new converters. This equipment is brand Kumera was established in the Converter unit. Installation of modern equipment was carried out in accordance with the investment project being implemented. Its main direction is to boost the capacity of develop a rough copper. Also carried out the overhaul included in the program of activities that implements the Karabashmed in the ongoing Russia’s Year of ecology.

Implementation of the program confirmed by the agreement signed by the plant and the authorities of the Chelyabinsk region. Also signing the agreement was attended by Rosprirodnadzor and the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of Russia. In terms of the document specifies the need for the installation of three converters Kumera. The capacity of each is 150 tons. The equipment is equipped with a new gazoochistnym devices, aspiration napilnikom. Innovations will reduce industrial emissions.

Modernisation together with the increase in ecological safety of the enterprise is conducted since 2004. Since the beginning of this period of Russian copper company in the project was invested about 18 billion rubles. Next year, the next investment should be more than 2 billion rubles. Thanks to the implementation of the project capacity of the plant will increase production to 150,000 tons rough copper annually. This number includes 130,000 tons of products obtained from the processing of mineral raw materials. Today the production capacity reaches 130000 tons rough copperannually.

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