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Technology Evraz

Technology Evraz

Mine «Erunakovskaja-VIII» got a new. This machine VLD-1000, which is necessary for drilling in a certain direction. Thus, the process will be more effective. In addition, increasing the level of safety under the earth.

The scope of degassing is constantly updated with new ideas. So directional drilling was one of the last reasonable solutions. Thanks to him, the methane much more efficiently removed from the coal seam. The process occurs over a large area. The depth of the mine becomes larger, which increases the amount of gas. So production is not slowed down, you need to remove the time methane. Or rather before you begin excavation.

Using rotary machine can extract up to 2 cubic m/min of methane. Directional drilling increases the volume to 17 cubic meters of Productivity increases due to the clear direction of the process. The equipment itself recognizes where to drill. It is displayed on a special screen. With this guide you can create a well depth of over 700 m. this takes into account various angles of incidence of the coal seam. In the end, the gas volumes are much higher.

The new machine also allows to detect violations of tectonic character. When wells are drilled from the surface, is to scout not. Technological innovation allows you to create a 3D model. Thanks to her, the plan for further work. Installation of a new a cost of 115 million.

To service the machine created another site. To operate it by specialists received practical and theoretical knowledge. Also used the experience of international companies in the field of degassing.

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