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Construction of basic infrastructure

Construction of basic infrastructure

At the end of this year Joint-stock company «Urgalugol '" plans to finish the infrastructure. It is necessary for the creation of the Urgal coal deposits of the Bureya basin. In an embodiment of the conceived project, the government allocated 1 billion 549 million rubles. Infrastructure consists of bridges for the movement of vehicles through the Urgal and Chegdomyn. In addition, the establishment of the railway tracks. Also the plans include the construction of overhead lines with one circuit.

Today ready the bridge over the river Urgal. This allows the transport equipment and the coal to the factory for enrichment. It is located on the right Bank of the cut. The other day it will start to operate. Actively laid the Railways, which lead to the factory Chegdomyn. They need to saturate the handling equipment and easy to move. Industry coal mining is a significant prospects for the future. The main prerequisite of such development include the proximity to the Asia Pacific region, the caloric value of coal. After the enrichment process, this figure rises to nearly 6000 kcal/kg. the Creation of the best conditions of permeability, will help to achieve your goals.

To increase the volume received in the mine North (over 7 million tons per year), allocated more than 25 billion rubles. This amount also includes the construction of a factory for the processing (6 million tons per year). This also includes improving annual indicators Bureya incision and creation of the right-Bank section. It needs to reach the level of up to 3 million tons per year.

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